Collaboration and Partnership Building
Undertake partner analysis, develop facilitative tolls for engaging 'catalytic partners' in specific operational context, review or develop networking and partnership structures and operations, design, host and document stakeholder planning and review meetings
Resource Mobilization for Program & Organization Sustainability
Resource Opportunity Mapping & Fundraising Project Design & Proposal writing
Management and Organization Development Training
Leadership Development Project Planning & Proposal Writing Project Management Documentation, Monitoring & Evaluation Communication & Facilitation Skills Understanding & Practicing Organization Development
Conference Management
Technical Design and Planning Facilitation Administrative and Logistical Support Documentation
Strategy Development & Strategic Planning
Organization Assessment/Institution Analysis Strategic Review & Planning Governance & Board Development
Research Evaluation and Knowledge Management
Progress Reviews and Output to Purpose Analysis Monitoring, Researching and Learning for Organizational and Portfolio Activities
SRH & HIV/AIDS Policy and Program Development
Policy Gap Analysis to inform policy advocacy FP/RH and HIV/AIDS and SRH Program Planning and Advocacy Advocacy Training Partnership and Networking
Organization and Program Management Sysytems Development
Human Resource Development Management Information Systems Financial Management Organizational Structure & Accountability